Best Drive-To Camping Spot in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State – Trap Pass

EveningViewSiteTrap Pass, located on the eastern side of the Olympics, is pretty much the highest spot you can drive to and camp in the Olympic Mountains. The route you take is Highway 101 North out of Olympia, and then turn left at the Duckabush River Road. After you reach the end of that road, you continue on using a rough Forest Service road until it finally dead ends about a mile past Trap Pass itself. For the exact location, just Google Map search on the term, ‘Trap Pass, Olympics’.


When you reach the dead-end, you find yourself at a big turnaround that is seldom visited, making it a perfect spot to set up your weekend campout, or even a week-LONG camp if you wish. From this vantage, you can view Seattle, the mountains known as The Brothers, and other famous mountains in the area.


The spot is on the edge of a wilderness area, but does not extend INTO the wilderness area, so vehicles are okay. Some pictures attached of my trip there in October 2017. Within a month afterward, the place was probably covered in snow.


One warning. When you reach the Forest Service road, there are at least thirty ‘water bars’ between you and the end of the road. These are ditches dug at an angle in the road to divert heavy water over the road. They prevent heavy rains from actually washing out the road. They work very well, but mean you should probably take a four wheel drive vehicle with sufficient ground clearance.

On the way to Trap Pass, you will see this driving through the Duckabush Valley

Submitted by Robert Blevins, Adventure Books of Seattle

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