A Winter Campout – A Simple Plan

If you’re reading this now, well…it’s not exactly a complete article. The reason is because it only outlines a plan. In November, I made a very successful appearance at the Auburn (WA) Public Library and presented a slideshow/discussion on the ‘DB Cooper’ case that ran nearly an hour over its alloted time. (No problem, said library staff who were in attendance that day.)

I used a 32″ Samsung smart TV to do the presentation, which worked really well because you can not only do slide pictures one after another, but you can also present video with ease. In fact, you can go back and forth with any media you wish, including music or anything that will go through a set of speakers or appear on a hi-def screen. All you have to do is hit this or that button on your remote. At the library, I had no problem with it.

This experience at the library gave me an idea. Why not do a multimedia presentation on the evidence against D.B. Cooper suspect Kenny Christiansen using this same method? My June 2015 video on Christiansen, filmed up near Jefferson Lake in the Olympic mountains was a big Cooper Hit, with more than 60,000 views to date. But for that one, all I had were a couple of props and some pictures, which I held up close to the camera.

The Jefferson Lake video, June 2015.


With all this in mind, I decided to plan another camping trip into the beautiful Olympic mountains in January 2018. I will do a final video showing that Kenny Christiansen was almost certainly the hijacker ‘DB Cooper,’ and reveal even more evidence than I ever have to date. I will also discuss the upcoming movie on the Cooper case, which is the first-ever dramatic picture done on the famous hijacking. In January 2017, I signed an option with a film production company in Los Angeles to present Kenny’s amazing story to a national audience. The video will coincide with the first anniversary since signing the contract. Latest news from the production company is that they will pay Adventure Books for the second year’s option, and that the movie will begin shooting in 2018. (As they explained to me recently, sometimes these things take a little time.) I can assure you they are working very hard to get the movie made, and are partnering with another company to do the picture.

Frankly, it’s way past time Kenny’s story was told on film. If you want to see why the production company decided to commit to doing the movie after we provided them all the investigatory files, just watch the video. It will be posted upon our return. We gave the execs at that company everything, even evidence we withheld from the public. Picture below shows the area where we’re going to shoot the video. Trip scheduled for the first weekend of January, 2018. Video will be uploaded to YouTube on January 10.


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